The Story of Yemeni Coffee

Port of Mocha

Where it all started. In the 15th century, coffee was used for the very first time as a drink by Sufi monks. The vibrant and delicate taste of the plant, lead the Sufi monks to develop various complex ways of brewing the coffee—they used methods very similar to what we use today. By the 16th century, coffee culture had grown exponentially—and for the very first time in history—started exporting globally. The very first port to ever export coffee was the Port of Mokha in Yemen, and that is where the drink Mocha got its name.


By 1875 Yemen was exporting coffee to all around the globe, with over 4,000 tons to the United States of America, 7,000 tons to Austria, 15,500 tons to the United Kingdom, and 27,500 tons to France and over 2200 tons to other countries annually. This massive 57,000 tons of coffee was the pinnacle of Yemen’s economy and played an enormous part in creating the foundation of the coffee culture worldwide.


Unfortunately, due to several reasons, from the government’s continuous neglect for coffee plantation to the Arab Spring and other various other aspects, Yemen is no longer the mammoth supplier of coffee that it once was. The last recorded statistic stated that Yemen only exported 18,000 tons of coffee in 2013. We aim to change that and bring back Yemeni coffee to the global market.