Plant the Future

In the past century, coffee farmers in Yemen have been suffering due to the government’s neglect for supporting the growth of coffee. Instead, the focus on agriculture has been on Khat, a plant classified as an illegal drug in many countries for its stimulating effects. It is consumed by the vast majority of Yemen’s population, and therefore has been taking the place of coffee plantation. However, this equation is changing as coffee is continuing its global worldwide growth and becoming one of the largest industries on planet earth. We want to play our part in helping our community by sharing the wonderful and unique taste of Yemeni Coffee with the whole world. We believe that the coffee industry in Yemen can blossom its economy and help improve the lives of thousands of people.

It is More Important than Ever!

Due to the recent war in Yemen, our beloved country and people have suffered greatly. The coffee industry and coffee farmers which comprise of 70% women are no different. That is why we want to take this chance to become a part of something greater than just becoming another coffee company. We want to help rebuild the damage that this war has caused. We are working hand in hand with farmers from different regions of the country to be able to share the finest, and most exquisite types of Yemeni coffee with the whole world. We want the world to taste the authentic coffee in the traditional ways that these farmers have been growing for hundreds of years.