arabica coffee berries with agriculturis

In the past century, coffee farmers in Yemen have been suffering due to the government’s neglect for supporting the growth of coffee. Instead, the focus on agriculture has been on Khat, a plant classified as an illegal drug in many countries for its stimulating effects. It is consumed by...

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Yemeni coffee is a rich history to behold. The story dates back to the 15th century where coffee was used as a drink for the first time in history. There are various types of Yemeni coffee, each unique in its own way. Some are famous for their delicate complexity, while others…

Yemeni Coffee

arabica coffee berries with agriculturis

خلال القرن الماضي، كان مزارعوا القهوة في اليمن يعانون بسبب  إهمال الحكومة لدعم نمو البن، و عوضاً عن ذلك، كان التركيزعلى زراعة القات و هي نبته تم تصنيفها كماده مخدره وغيرقانونيه في العديد من البلدان كونها تحتوي على ماده منشطه. يتم إستهلاك نبتة القات من قبل


Coffee Berries and Coffee Beans_edited.j

القهوة اليمنيه لها تاريخ غني و عريق، يعود تاريخها إلى القرن الخامس عشر حيث تم استخدام القهوة كمشروب لأول مرة في التاريخ. هناك أنواع مختلفة من القهوه اليمنيه ، كل نوع فريدٌ بطريقته الخاصه، بعضها مشهور بنكهه مميزه، بينما البعض الآخر 

القهوه اليمنيه

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We are entrepreneurs from Yemen looking to share the taste of Yemeni coffee with the whole world. We want the world to taste the origins of coffee and understand how it came to be. The birthplace of coffee and its first ever global supply came from Yemen. This is the story that we were always told as children, and ever since then we have dreamed of Yemen regaining back its crown and dominating the global supply of coffee.