Our Business

We are entrepreneurs from Yemen looking to share the taste of Yemeni coffee with the whole world. We want the world to taste the origins of coffee and understand how it came to be. The birthplace of coffee and its first ever global supply came from Yemen. This is the story that we were always told as children, and ever since then we have dreamed of Yemen regaining back its crown and dominating the global supply of coffee. This has become of utmost importance, especially in recent years as Yemen has become one of the world’s poorest countries. Over half of Yemen’s population live under the poverty line, but we believe coffee can change that, just like it changed the social norms of the world as we know it and continues to shape up our social lives to this very day. That is why we want to play our role in restoring Yemen's global position in coffee supply and help its economy, all while educating, rebuilding, and improving the lives of farmers and the people of Yemen.


“We aim to help improve the lives of Yemeni farmers by sharing the exquisite taste of the history and heritage of Yemeni coffee to bring back the lost legend of the world’s arguably once tastiest coffee.”


“At Coffee Senses® we will strive to create a better future by re-educating, rebuilding, and restoring the coffee culture in Yemen. We are determined to achieve that by sharing the vision of our farmers with the world, to help better their lives and bring back Yemen to its prime of dominating the coffee industry and have Yemeni coffee regain its position as the most consumed coffee in the world.”